Wedding, Confirmation or Birthday at Mira3

Make your special day unique by holding it on Denmark's most beautiful water aboard the Mira3. Hold your wedding, your confirmation, birthday or other party at Mira3 and surprise your guests with a unique and beautiful experience.


We have room for 65 guests, of which 30 can sit and eat in the salon. There is the option of setting up music equipment. We also cover the boat in case of bad weather.


Contact Skipper Line Schock for further information.


Skipper Line Jepsen

Tlf.: 93 84 75 07 


på Mira3 har vi plads til flere end 40 passagerer, blandt andet til 30 siddepladser i Salonen.


  • MarsvinSafari

  • Fisketoure

  • Firmaudflugt

  • Brillupsstoure

  • Fødeselsdage und andre jubileer

  • Konfirmationer

Tag kontakt til Skipper Line Jepsen, hvis du har flere forslag oder forespørglser.

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