Private tours:

Contact Skipper Line Jepsen to book a private trip. Prices for private tours of about 2 hours typically cost from 5500, - DKK. We customize the tours for your needs.


Public tours:

If you do not want to rent the entire ship, it is possible to sign up for public tours that are typically sailed several times a week during the summer period.


Price on public tours: Adults - 225, - DKK per person. person. Children 2-12 years - 125, - DKK per person.Everyone is very welcome on board and children under 2 years are free. Duration: approx. 2 hours

Practical information:


Where:  Middelfart - Old harbour (gammel havn), Havnegade 84, 5500 Middelfart.


Meals:  You are welcome to bring meals for your own use.

By arrangement, we can also arrange for a surcharge per envelope depending on number and wishes.


Dress: It can quickly cool on the water, so bring warm and windy outerwear.


Meeting time: Within one quarter before announced departure.


Cancellation: In case of bad weather, such as heavy rain (less showers and light rain are no obstacles - about 1mm rainfall advertised on the homepage of the Danish Wheather Service ( or heavily winded (mean winds of more than 7-9 m/s or wind gusts above 11-15 m/s decision made from specific conditions of the day), we cancel the trip and return the money, to ensure a good experience and a safe trip for all.


Skipper Line Jepsen

Tlf.: 93 84 75 07 


på Mira3 har vi plads til flere end 40 passagerer, blandt andet til 30 siddepladser i Salonen.


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