PorpoiseTour with Mira3

The population of harbor porpoises in Lillebælt is one of the greatest in the world. We cannot guarantee the encounter of the small whales, but usually we meet them more than once. 

One thing can be guaranteed though, and that is the beautiful sight of the Old and the New Bridges of Lillebaelt, just out of Middelfart and the beauty of the landscape as seen from the seaside. 

We do not set out on a fixed course, but try to track the porpoises.

During the trip our guide will tell you tales of porpoises and sights we pass. 

Short about Porpoises at Middelfart

Porpoises may be up to 25 years old and about 1.8 meters long and weight more than 60 kilos. Since the Middle Ages, Middelfart been home to a Porpoises hunter guild who ran a well-organized hunting, where you could drive porpoises into shallow water in Gamborg Fjord near Swiney. The hunters used the animals' good layer of fat for lamp oil, which was thus an important part of the city's survival. The porpoise was listed in 1967. Dissemination of guinea pig Story In 2013 introduced Porpoise Guild in Middelfart annual Marsvindag where all the exciting story being told. These include parade through the city with music, and visits by Middelfart "guinea pigs well." 


Practical information:

Contact Skipper Line Schock to book the trip. 

Price: Adults - 200 kr. Per. person. Children under 12 years - 100 kr. Per. Person

All are very welcome aboard and children under 2 are free.

Duration: 2½ hours

Where: Middelfart Gl. Havn, Havnegade 84, 5500 Middelfart


Skipper Line Jepsen

Tlf.: 93 84 75 07 
Mail: info@mira3.dk


på Mira3 har vi plads til flere end 40 passagerer, blandt andet til 30 siddepladser i Salonen.


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