Are you a fisherman, whatever you are practiced or amateur, you can rent Mira 3 for a fishing trip in the waters of the Little Belt. Here you can catch both cod, flatfish, squid, mackerel, herring and much more.


We cater both to large and small groups, as we can accommodate up to 65 passengers, just call and arrange with Skipper Hans. It is possible to have lunch or dinner aboard the ship's cozy lounge, which seats up to 30 people.
In addition, we sail all year round so whatever you want to fish everyday or weekend is all possible.


We sail from Middelfart Old Harbor at the end of Havnegade.
Call Skipper Line Schock to book a trip


Skipper Line Jepsen

Tlf.: 93 84 75 07 


på Mira3 har vi plads til flere end 40 passagerer, blandt andet til 30 siddepladser i Salonen.


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Tag kontakt til Skipper Line Jepsen, hvis du har flere forslag oder forespørglser.

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