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Turbåden Mira III

Welcome aboard

Mira III  


Beautiful boat trips in the heart of the Little Belt

Køb gavekort til Mira III

 Welcome aboard Mira III

Whether you are angler or tourist, the Mira III cruise ship offers a tour of Middelfart, on great experiences in the Little Belt, which is one of Denmark's most beautiful waters. Enjoy the trip under "the old Little Belt Bridge", and further through the narrowing Fænøsund.

Expert knowledge on the marine environment
Our crew has an academic background with special focus on and facilitation of knowledge about the marine environment in general and porpoises in particular.

Mira III offers hiking tours, fishing trips, porpoise tours, wine tours, night trips, historic tours, name it.
Experience a small part of Funen from the seaside and take a good lunch or dinner aboard the ship's cozy lounge, which seats up to 30 people.    

You can also rent Mira III for a holiday break, birthday, confirmation, wedding or corporate party.

Mira III seats 65 passengers and sails on Lillebælt all year round. We sail from Middelfart Old Harbor at the end of Havnegade.

Technical and historical information about Mira III
Mira III is built at Frederikssund Shipyard and sailed from 1915 as a tour boat on the Sound.
Mira III has, besides sailing on Lillebælt, also sailed for the Copenhagen harbor navy, for the defense by sailing to Copenhagen's forefront and as a ferry boat on Aarhus Bay.
Initially the boat was equipped with a two-cylinder steam engine. In 1924, Mira III received a Munktell petrol engine, which it sailed until 1938, where it received a two-cylinder Vølund 65 HK glowmotors. In 2004 Mira III got the engine that the boat sails with today, a six-cylinder Albin diesel engine.

It was the pilot, Henriksen from Old Vestergade in Middelfart, to supplement his salary as a pilot, in 1966, Mira III was bought and the ship came to Middelfart, where it started to sail on Lillebælt.
In 1996 Mira III was sold to Holger Petersen, who was the skipper on the tour boat until he transferred it to Hans Østergaard in 2011, in 2018, Transferred Mira III to Line Schock Jepsen

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